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Earn up to 18 hours of continuing education in London, UK with the most advanced marriage and family therapy training available.


Designed as an intimate and in-depth training for advanced clinicians to connect, this in-person training is held in London, United Kingdom on June 21 - 23, 2023. The schedule for this event allows for both intensive training from experts in the field and time to enjoy the local surroundings. Participants study in one of four intensive courses that reflect the clinical challenges mental health professionals face today. The Institutes are designed with the experienced clinician in mind and are presented by experts in the field. Classes are intentionally kept small to create a personal and interactive setting.


In addition, our opening and closing keynotes offer a wonderful opportunity to meet with the instructors and your fellow participants to exchange ideas and discuss today’s issues at length. Daily breakfast and lunch gatherings offer an excellent opportunity for networking with participants from across the globe.


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