2024 Leadership Symposium

Join us for AAMFT's Leadership Symposium—an essential experience for those navigating the dynamic landscape of MFTs in leadership. This exceptional event is not merely a conference; it provides access to fostering connections with influential figures in the MFT community, paving the way for your professional ascent. 

Engage with MFTs, draw inspiration from insightful keynote speakers who have excelled in leadership, and immerse yourself in purposeful breakout sessions crafted around the pressing issues faced by MFTs and those in leadership. This symposium is not just about networking; it is about creating bonds that resonate within the fabric of MFT advocacy. 

Earn up to 11.5 CE credits, amplifying not only your knowledge but your commitment to advancing the profession. Take it a step further by participating in the Approved Supervision Refresher course, earning an additional 6 CEs to stay at the forefront of supervisory practices in MFT. 

Join us at the AAMFT Leadership Symposium—an investment in your growth, your impact, and the collective progress of MFTs in leadership. Secure your place in this unique journey where connections flourish, ideas thrive, and your leadership potential in the mental health realm takes center stage. Register now to redefine your impact on the MFT profession!

Community Engagement with the Minority Fellowship Program:

Join the FAHS MFP Fellows in a special track as they discuss low-impact community projects designed to help mitigate the influence of external factors on the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) targeted populations. Learn how these important projects can help identify pathways to improve mental health and substance use services to communities as practitioners (direct service), researchers, and teachers.

The MFP program is made possible by generous donations through the FAHS and a SAMHSA grant.

Register for this year's Leadership Symposium here!

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