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Feb 24, 2017


John Creet

Congratulations what a mighty day for MFTS, yes we are a the cream of mental health providers and Iam proud to be an MFT in California.

Maria Shufeldt, LMFT in California

I think licensed professionals from *all disciplines* are going to need to organize, collaborate and maintain awareness of these types of occurrences. There is a bill in the Iowa Senate now coming from the governor of that state to negate credentialing for mental health counselors. As a systems-trained MFT, I observe a disturbing trend nationally, now. With all due respect to your just pride in your license, John, for me, It's not about that. It's about constantly communicating the value of our licenses to the public and to those who are trying to devalue it for their own secondary gain. I need to find a way to get involved in resisting this because my license means way too much to me to watch this happen anywhere, including California.


Congratulations for a job well done.
Excellent example of persistence, team work, great use of resources and believing in doing what is right for the people.

Rafael Martinez
LPC in Puerto Rico
Couples and Family Therapy

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