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Jul 23, 2015


Harvey Glen

I am a decorated combat veteran. I have over 18 months in a war zone and have a B.A. in social work and a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling. I want to counsel returning veterans and help them with their adjustments to a normal life. I believe that my combined high grade point average(3.65) and life experiences and want to help veterans families as well. I have a combined experience working with veterans and counseled high school students receiving an award for excellent work

Dan Frye

Hey Harvey,
You might look into Military Family Life Counselor positions. FYI - the military contracts w/ insurance providers to have civilian MFTs and LPCs (i'm sure lcsw too) at their events. Events like, yellow ribbon events, Strong Bond Family retreat, even summer camps and retreats where families have lost a loved one while on duty. There are other on demand events organized by the military where MFTs can provide services. Also, the MFLC program has counselors that are full-time even in long-term settings w/ troops that are deployed overseas. I'm contracted through Magellan for this service and consider it an honor to work with military personnel and their families. It is my understanding that different insurance companies "win the bid," so to speak, to receive funding to provide the service. Anyway, thought it might be a nice way to get your feet wet while you work towards your dream. http://www.magellanmflc.org/public/join-mflc.aspx

Rich Derr

Hi Harvey,

Just a "second" to Dan Frye's comments. MFLC positions would seem to be uniquely suited for you. Just a FYI, you do need to be state-licensed as a mental health provider (LMFT. LCSW, LPC, etc.) to be a MFLC. Additionally, the VA hires counselors (Readjustment Counselor) with your background in certain satellite centers and the education requirement is only a BA degree. Good luck to you!

Martin R. Edwards, Ph.D., LMFT, LMHC

Harvey - thank you - and please - from one who might be hiring folks such as you - please edit your postings. The hope of your heart may be fogged by the way the presentation comes through. I am with you, am a vet who served in Korea 1967-68 when it was still a secret, and have provided an initial 1 year VA Readjustment Counseling Services Contract to com\bat vets and their families which was extended for 30 years, from 1982-2012.

Please be absolutely particular regarding how you present yourself. If you were successful in the military, you will find that civilian life also can be challenging - tho in a bit of a different direction - and how your written expression comes through, in many cases will, or will not, allow you to progress to the next plateau.

I can state without exception that when a notation comes through, in most any form, which has a sentence structure such as that which follows, it will not make the cut:
I believe that my combined high grade point average(3.65) and life experiences and want to help veterans
families as well.
I am not wanting to be hypercritical, but, if this is what you want to do, then it becomes survival, and to survive - - you may want to have someone take a look at what is being written or presented, that is, get someone who will assist with editing your thoughts.

Potentially, you will be providing a broad based and greatly needed source of assistance to veterans and those dear to them. They will come from all aspects of life prior to service, and present with all aspects of need after service. To make things more complex, some may even be in service while you provide your service. They will not know what to do or where to turn. You will be their mentor, their source of reassurance, often their hope, their route to independence, their therapist, and frequently their avenue of effective communication to and with the VA. You will help them in contending with the daunting, vexing rhythms of the VA, their communities, other vets, and their families.

You've been there, you've done that, and to engage your wish, you've got to get there. Be the best and don't let picky editorial crap get in your way. Good luck!


Silva Redigonda

I am a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist, a Registered Psychotherapist and a Specialist, Pastoral Counsellor. I have a Military background of 20 years service, am a veteran serving in Europe and the Middle East as well in my own country Canada. I have a special interest in providing therapy to veterans and other emergency response persons. I am also collecting names and phone numbers to begin a group therapy/support system for those interested. I am available one or two days a week for emergency response organizations only.

Silva Redigonda, MA, RP, R.M.FT.

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